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    In 2023 the City and County of San Francisco certified Peña Pachamama as a Legacy Business acknowledging it as a longstanding community serving establishment and as a valuable cultural asset, the 'soul of the city', whose preservation is critical to maintaining the unique character of San Francisco. We are fundraising to insure Peña Pachamama will continue for a decade of tomorrows.

    $25.00 USD

  • Pachamama Original Kale Chips

    Pachamama Original Kale Chips

    Winner BEST OF RAW in LA Expo. Drizzled with organic sauce made up of cashews, lemon juice, pink Himalayan sea salt, and other nutritional spices, these kale chips are then slowly dehydrated until they become perfectly crispy. The mild flavors of the kale are subtly brought out by the savory sauce, making these chips a snack that keeps you craving more after every bite.

     SF Examiner reviewer said " . . .these kale chips are leagues above the others!"

    *This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

  • Pachamama PIZZA Kale Chips

    Pachamama PIZZA Kale Chips

    A delicious variety of the same organic kale chips with fresh herbs that give the taste of incredible lasagna when you eat them.

    $8.50 USD

  • Pachamama SPICY Kale Chips

    Pachamama SPICY Kale Chips

    A delicious spicy version of the original Pachamama kale Chips

    $8.50 USD

  • Pena Pachamama: The Art of Raw Living

    Pena Pachamama: The Art of Raw Living

     A unique hardcover musical cookbook; a musicians journey into the restaurant business, organic raw recipes, photos, philosophy as well as history from the legendary Speakeasy now Peña Pachamama, a San Francisco Legacy Business celebrating three decades in the City.

    $25.00 USD