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  • Chocolate Crepe

    Chocolate Crepe

     Fresh young Thai coconut, cacao, agave, vanilla

    $4.50 USD

  • Donation


    Support on its 18th anniversary for a sustainable Peña Pachamama, a place we enjoy and believe in.

    $20.00 USD

  • Linda Boliviana CD

    Linda Boliviana CD

    The newest recording from maestro EDDY NAVIA, Gabriel Navia and Pachamama Band.

    $15.00 USD

  • Pachamama Original Kale Chips

    Pachamama Original Kale Chips

    Winner BEST OF RAW! Drizzled with a organic sauce made up of cashews, lemon juice, pink Himalayan sea salt, and other nutritional spices, these kale chips are then slowly dehydrated until they become perfectly crispy. The mild flavors of the kale are subtly brought out by the savory sauce, making these chips a snack that keeps you craving more after every bite.

    Kale also naturally aids in digestion, is packed with antioxidant nutrients, contains cancer preventative elements, has cholesterol-lowering benefits, and an array of anti-inflammatory agents from its omega-3 content*.

    *This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

  • Pachamama PIZZA Kale Chips

    Pachamama PIZZA Kale Chips

    A delicious variety of the same organic kale chips with fresh herbs that give the taste of incredible lasagna when you eat them.

    $7.95 USD

  • Pachamama SPICY Kale Chips

    Pachamama SPICY Kale Chips

    A delicious spicy version of the original Pachamama kale Chips

    $7.95 USD

  • Peña Pachamama Gift Card

    Peña Pachamama Gift Card

    For our fundraising month of July only we are offering $100 gift cards for $90 each.

    (limit 2 per person)

    This is a multiple use credit-card style Gift Card. It may be used anytime for organic dinners and live music shows, or any in-house sales at Peña Pachamama. A wonderful gift!

    For different amount Gift Cards call us directly at 415 694-0845.

    $90.00 USD

  • Pena Pachamama: The Art of Raw Living

    Pena Pachamama: The Art of Raw Living

     A unique musical cookbook, and musicians journey into the restaurant business and to discovering the healing magic of an organic raw-living vegan way of life. This book contains several recipes as well from the historic Peña Pachamama in San Francisco.

    $18.00 USD

  • Raw Chocolate Sauce

    Raw Chocolate Sauce

     A delicious guilt-free, gluten-free, raw cacao, agave and vanilla bean syrup

    $8.95 USD

  • Raw Sunflower Pumpernickel Bread

    Raw Sunflower Pumpernickel Bread

     Sunflower, flax, caraway seeds, poppy seeds, olive oil, onion, pink Himalayan salt

    This product is temporarily unavailable

  • Rawcaroons


     7 chocolate macaroons with coconut, agave, vanilla, raw cacao, hazelnut

    $6.95 USD

  • Recording: Carnaval En Piano Charango

    Recording: Carnaval En Piano Charango

    World music masters blend Cuban and Bolivian traditions with a hint of jazz and the great spirit of Carnaval into an ear-resistible music.


    Nominated for a Latin Grammy!

    $15.00 USD